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mute_light - and the sounds keep fading - Skins Angst [entries|friends|calendar]
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[February 26th|2.53pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Title: Hurt
Pairing: Skins: Tony Stonem/ Maxxie Oliver
Rating: PG - 13
Warnings: Maxxie's POV, Angst
Wordcount: 61
Disclaimer:Not mine, just playing!
Summary: Maxxie's thoughts on Tony after the accident...


Icons [May 17th|10.07pm]

[11] Skins Angst


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Skins Drabble [May 14th|6.05pm]

Title: Waiting
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Cassie (Sid/Cassie)
Genre: General/Angst

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Skins Angst Icons [May 13th|7.04pm]

[10] new ones
[5] old ones


this wayyy
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Drabble: Indefinite [May 13th|6.26pm]
Title: Indefinite
Author: snowblind | snowacid
Rating: PG
Pairing: Maxxie/Tony
Disclaimer: Fake as a orange elephant climbing up my house's roof. Seriously.
Spoilers: 6th ep
N/A: This is written right after I saw the sixth episode of Skins, dedicated to lurasa 'cause she got me hooked :] Non-beta'd.

( old rotten sketches on his desk )

Oh my. A mod took her own communties first post virginity. Dx
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Mod: Welcome to m_l! [May 13th|2.07am]
Welcome, dear stranger to mute_light!
Mute light: Illuminated display for the mute switch (i.e. TV)

Thankfully, you stumbled across this small community in the big ocean of the intaaaarwebz.
Here we want to provide you a friendly but honest place for your daily or not-so daily Skins angst need.

Wanted to write a sad & bitter Slash Maxxie/Tony but wasn't too sure about other communities' rules?
Maybe had a little Tony suicide in mind but no real inspiration? Or a psycho Effy plot-bunny but nowhere to put it?
Here you go, Art & Fiction of all angsty & violent kinds are accepted & highly appreciated, so let's post :]

Maybe now you've got a small taste of it and want to read our Community Profile?
Or you might want to skip that part and join right away, that's mighty fine as well :D

Affilates requests & comments in general are love ♥
Yours m_l Mods, lurasa & snowblind
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