. (snowacid) wrote in mute_light,

Mod: Welcome to m_l!

Welcome, dear stranger to mute_light!
Mute light: Illuminated display for the mute switch (i.e. TV)

Thankfully, you stumbled across this small community in the big ocean of the intaaaarwebz.
Here we want to provide you a friendly but honest place for your daily or not-so daily Skins angst need.

Wanted to write a sad & bitter Slash Maxxie/Tony but wasn't too sure about other communities' rules?
Maybe had a little Tony suicide in mind but no real inspiration? Or a psycho Effy plot-bunny but nowhere to put it?
Here you go, Art & Fiction of all angsty & violent kinds are accepted & highly appreciated, so let's post :]

Maybe now you've got a small taste of it and want to read our Community Profile?
Or you might want to skip that part and join right away, that's mighty fine as well :D

Affilates requests & comments in general are love ♥
Yours m_l Mods, lurasa & snowblind
Tags: introduction, mod
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